Welcome to the home page of Cindy Black
I am a member of several different women's motorcycle organizations.
The Women on Wheels® Group, the Big Sky Lady Riders, in Billings, Montana,
   a Women in the Wind group from Medicine Hat, Alberta, The Desert Dolls,  
And the MotorMaids, Inc.® , the MT/AB/SK District.
   The links a the top of this page are some of the other sites that I maintain.

Now to start planning for 2015 - It is gonna be a big one - 58 days gone on the bike.

2014 - East Meets West - Colorado, Sweeties - Wyoming - The Laundry sold just days before we left for the Motor Maids Convention, Kerreville, TX - Peoria TT Races(IL) - York Bike Night, York, PA  The Blue Ridge Parkway - Maids in the Woods, Goshen, OH.  Finally rode my bike over 20,000 miles in 2014.

2013 - A trip to the Colorado -  East meets West Run, a trip to the Sweeties Run, a trip to The Over the Top Run, a trip to Yellowstone and the Beartooth, the trip to Bend, OR, a trip to Peoria, that included a stop in Sturgis and a riverboat ride, the Lewistown Meet, then just a small trip around MT. Over 16,000 miles again in 2013.
2012- The Laundry is for sale and the Magical, Mystical, Historical Tour was the best trip ever!  I rode 16,480 miles in 2012.
2011- a very low mileage year again with one trip to Anamosa, IA.
2010 - I did get to ride close to 1000 miles.  
After two years of close to 20,000 miles, it is sure sad when I do not get to ride much.  
In 2009, Brenda, Ester and I completed our "Biggie" trip of a life time. 2009 was the year I came closest to 20k miles at 19,535.
 Four Corners Tour  

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